Frequently Asked Questions

Will exercise lower my cholesterol?
Yes, it has been proven to aid in lowering the bad cholesterol (LDL) and raising the good cholesterol (HDL). Physicians usually recommend a change in diet, loss of body fat and exercise to help improve cholesterol levels.

I have high blood pressure, can I exercise safely?
Yes, with your health care providers approval and following some basic exercise guidelines you can enjoy a regular fitness routine.

I have arthritis and my joints hurt, but my doctor tells me I should exercise. Should I?
Yes, in fact, exercise can help keep the joint moving and can strengthen and improve the muscles that hold the joint. This can actually decrease osteoarthritis pain and stiffness.

Will exercise prevent diabetes?
Absolutely! The biggest culprits in the development of diabetes are inactivity and excess body fat. Regular moderate exercise has been shown in some research to cut the risk of diabetes in half as we get older.

I have diabetes, will exercise help me?
With your health care providers approval and following exercise guidelines, regular physical activity can help lower blood glucose levels and perhaps reduce the need or amount of medications.

When are you too old to exercise?
Never! Any age is the right age to start exercising. Exercise can help with flexibility, strength, balance and coordination, which decline as we age. Maintaining our fitness helps keep us more functionally active and at less risk for disease and injuries.

I am post menopausal, will exercise help prevent osteoporosis?
Absolutely! Research has shown that weightbearing exercise can reduce the rate of bone loss even among postmenopausal women.

I have back pain, will exercise make it worse?
With your health care provider approval and when done in a gradual and progressive manner, exercise can help reduce back stiffness and weakness and minimize the recurrences of lower back pain.

Will exercise help my fibromyalgia?
Definitely, people with fibromyalgia must exercise to prevent deconditioning that can result in a loss of function. Additionally, it assists with tight muscles, poor range of motion and postural imbalances.

If I exercise will I loose weight without having to change my diet?
Sorry, this is a big myth about exercise. Exercise alone will not shed body fat. A proper diet, along with regular exercise, is the key that will allow you to shed pounds.

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